Bob Arruda Pictures is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts,

just ten miles west of Boston.

Bob offers full Location and Studio photography services including lighting design,

set design and construction, styling, darkroom and digital services, post-production,

retouching, and custom printing. He shoots medium and large format on film and

high resolution digital in DSLR format.

In the studio, Bob specializes in Product Illustration from cover shots to simple

tabletops shot on white.



                                                 “The studio has always presented an exciting challenge to me.

                                                 Making any product look good is 90% lighting.  You have to ask yourself

                                                 what do I need / want to do because in the studio you begin with a blank

                                                 canvas and build from there.”



“I use the latest equipment and software in both imaging and processing my digital work in

order to provide my customers with the highest quality product possible. All digital 

photographs are shot as Raw files and are color corrected and processed in 16 bit per 

channel before copying to customer specs.

If you are working on a project that requires photography, I hope you will contact me at   or call me at the studio: 781-237-5338 I will be happy to show more samples of my work, answer any questions you may have or provide you with an estimate.

About Bob

Bob Arruda received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education from Massachusetts College of Art in 1969 with a concentration in Photography and Printmaking. He has been an educator and an artist since then. He received a Master of Art Education in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design in 1976.

In 1980, he left teaching to pursue his career in photography. For almost thirty years, he has shot stock photography on many subjects and has done assignment photography for the advertising, corporate and editorial markets.

In 1998, Bob re-entered teaching and is once again sharing his skills in photography, lighting, darkroom and Photoshop with students on the secondary and higher education level.